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What Landlords Need to Know About the Tier System When It Comes to Moving in Kent

What Landlords Need to Know About the Tier System When It Comes to Moving in Kent

In this two-minute speed read; we look at what the new
tier system means for landlords and people looking to rent in Kent.

The tier system announced by the Government this week to
combat the increase in Covid-19 cases has caused some concern from landlords
and people who are looking to move.

The good news is that it shouldn’t.

This is because even in the highest tiered areas which the
Government has said are at very high-risk, people can still move. Albeit with
extra safety precautions which we’ve been practising since the lockdown.

In Kent,
we are currently in Tier 1 – which is described as ‘medium alert’ and includes
several guidance points including:

- Businesses and venues can continue to operate, but pubs
and restaurants must ensure customers only consume food and drink while seated,
and close between 10 pm and 5 am.

- Takeaway food can continue to be sold after 10 pm if
ordered by phone or online.

- Schools and universities remain open.

Even in high alert areas, Government guidelines say you can
still move home.

According to a statement on its website on Friday 16 October,
the Government advised: “You can still move home if you’re in a medium alert
level area. Estate and letting agents and removals firms can continue to work,
and people looking to move home can continue to undertake viewings.

Follow the national guidance on moving home safely, which
includes advice on social distancing and wearing a face covering.”

Our priority is your safety. And that’s why we have the
following measures in place to allow us to show people rental properties they
are interested in.

Here are six of our Covid-secure steps.

We wear masks on all viewings.

We wear disposable gloves on each viewing –
these are only worn once then recycled.

We wear shoe coverings on each viewing.

We carry and use hand sanitiser before and after
each viewing.

We will be the only people to open or touch
handles or cupboards.

We will wipe down any surfaces touched after the
viewing has finished.

Everyone has a part to play in helping us all get back to
normal as soon as possible, and we take our responsibility to keep you safe
very seriously.

So, we’ll be following the guidelines and updates daily. And
we’ll continue to help people move homes safely, securely, and successfully.

If you are a landlord or tenant in Kent and
have any questions about what the tier system might mean to you, please get in