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Top Tips for Making Your Family’s House Move Stress-Free

Top Tips for Making Your Family’s House Move Stress-Free

Moving house is stressful,
moving house with kids… well, that can be a recipe for meltdowns, tantrums, and
sleepless nights.


As parents, you’re probably
moving house for logical reasons: you need more space, you want to be closer to
good schools, you’ve found a better job in the area. But as many of us know,
logic and rationale aren’t always high on a child’s list of priorities.


Change is scary for all of
us, not just children, so how can you make it easier?


In this three-minute read,
we look at a few ways to help your little (and not so little) cherubs settle
into a new home.


Prepare your child

Keep your child informed.
Talk about the new home, why you’re moving, where you’re going, their new room,
and so on. By including them in the process – such as visiting the property before
the move – they know what’s coming. Kids love an adventure, and a new home is
just that.


When packing up their things,
get them to help. Create a special moving box, so they have all their favourite
toys, clothes, and bits and bobs in one place. It could help them feel more in
control and get them ready for the change ahead.


Sleep is key

When your child doesn’t
sleep, everyone suffers. You’ll be exhausted, they’ll probably be grumpy, and
the whole household will feel bleary-eyed. Try to keep their sleep routine
similar to their old one to (hopefully) avoid sleepless nights.


Show them their room before
you move in, or if possible, let them choose their new room. Let them know
where their cot/bed will be and how the room will look.


When it comes to those first
few nights, make sure you know where their favourite blanket or toy is, so you
don’t have to fret before bedtime. (This approach might not work with teenagers.)


Moving-in present

Show us a parent that hasn’t
bribed their child with chocolate or a toy, and we’ll eat our hats! A move-in
present doesn’t have to be expensive; it could be the promise of an activity
you’ll do together once you’ve moved in, or a toy that’s been waiting for them
to arrive.


Decorate together

Whether it’s a new paint
colour, bedspread, or wall art – letting your child choose what they like gives
them a sense of ownership and independence. Creating a cosy, welcoming space
will help your child settle and make their room feel like home.



Whatever the circumstances of
your move, children will want to feel like it’s an adventure. So, make sure to
celebrate together. You could have a first-night pizza party, a teddy-bear’s
picnic in the garden, ask the grandparents over, or even blow out candles for
the new home’s first day. Making the move as fun and celebratory as possible
gives the whole family something to look forward to.


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