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How to Spot a Great Estate Agent

How to Spot a Great Estate Agent

This two-minute read explains how to
identify a great estate agent – one who’ll land you the best deal for your

What separates a mediocre estate agent from an exceptional one?
It’s not what they say; it’s what they do.

While some agents talk a big game, in reality they just go
through the motions. But great agents (and we like to think that here at CWB Property we
fall into that category) go all out to get the very best deal.

That’s because top agents know that now, more than ever, every
extra pound added to a sale price matters to sellers (and can be put to good
use to cover DIY or furniture in their new home).

So, how can sellers in Kent spot a great agent from a
run-of-the-mill one? Here’s what to look out for.

A comprehensive marketing plan
The great thing about the internet is you can see if an agent means business.
Top agents use professional photography, floor plans, and sparkling copy to
showcase properties and engage buyers. They also regularly update their website
and post live feeds, video tours, and property sneak peeks on social media.
Contrast this with the coasters who throw a few shabby images on a property
portal and then wait for the phone to ring. Who do you think achieves the best

Negotiating skills – People often overlook
the importance of negotiating skills in the selling process. But when you’re
close to sealing a deal, a savvy negotiator can really make a difference on
price. A great agent has soft skills – the ability to listen, read body
language, and interpret the dynamic between couples – along with industry nous.

Has a rapport with buyers – To know if a
buyer is serious and how much they are willing to spend, a great agent needs to
be personable and have good communication skills.

Can explain their valuation
A top agent doesn’t just pull a figure out of the air; they do their homework. So,
when a potential buyer pushes for a price drop, a great agent can justify their
valuation and stand their ground.

Honest feedback – A great agent won’t
just tell you what you want to hear but what you need to know. If your house
needs decluttering, or you need to improve how you stage it, they’ll be
straight with you.

Here at CWB
, we’re serious about delivering for our clients. Get in touch
to learn more about our successful selling track record.